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THIS IS THE TERRORIST CAPITAL OF EUROPE: Take a walk through Molenbeek, infamous suburb of Brussels (VIDEO)

Even though Molenbeek is not the municipality with the biggest number of Muslims, because this "title" goes to Sen-Zos-ten Nod, this part is called the Jihadist capital of Europe because of the number of radical Islamist. The name stems from the Dutch words "molen" which means "the mill", and "beek" which means "creek"

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Molenbeek-Sen-Zan is the municipality in Brussels, and de facto the suburb located only several kilometers away from the center.


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Its name stems from the Dutch words "molen' which means "the mill" and "beek" which means "the creek".


In other words, Serbian name of Molenbeek could be The Mill creek.


This suburb was mentioned first in X century, and it became part of Brussels in XIII century but it kept its rural look up until XVIII century.


Industrialization period bought economic growth to the elite, but also the catastrophic life conditions to the majority of that place; it had the nickname "little Manchester".


Even though the life conditions have become better in the meantime, this part of Brussels has always been poor when compared to the rest of Belgium, and many projects of revitalization are still in progress.


Media report that Muslims are a majority, but this is not entirely true because Muslims are 39,3 % of the population there.


Molenbbek is not the municipality with the largest number of Muslims, because Sen-Zos-ten-Nod has this 'title'.


Ulica u Molenbeku, predgrađu Brisela, koji zovu džihadističkom prestonicom Evrope. Foto: Google Maps

Ulica u Molenbeku, predgrađu Brisela, koji zovu džihadističkom prestonicom Evrope. Foto: Google Maps


However, due to many radical Islamists in this municipality, facts are that the people responsible for Paris terrorist attacks came from there.


This brought Molenbeek the nickname of the Jihadist capital of Europe.


Take a walk through its streets.


This is part of Molenbeek where Salah Abdeslam grew up:



Part of the city where the shop of Mohammad Abrini was located:



Part of the city where Salah Abdeslam was hiding:



Part of the city where Abdeslam was arrested:



Molenbbek part where the house of Abdeslam's grandmother is located:



Molenbeek park:



Some parts of Molenbeek look more like a suburb in Third World countries, not Brussels:



Asian fast food restaurant which offers halal food, where people who are behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels probably ate:



(Telegraf.co.uk / O.Š.)

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