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PARENTS PROUD OF BOSNIAN JIHADIST: He called for the killing of the Christians, but he is a HERO for his mother and father (VIDEO)

- He went to war in Syria in 2013. If i could see him now, i would tell him to fight for Allah - said the father of the terrorist 

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The mother of Jasmin Keserovic, the most wanted jihadist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who called for killing of the Christians in the world last week via video, said that she is proud of her son. 


YOU WILL FACE SOMETHING WORSE THAN BRUSSELS! Horrible threats from Jihadists from Bosnia (PHOTO)


- If i had 10 more sons, they would go to jihad and fight for Allah - said Jasmin's mother, reports Sarajevo Dnevni avaz.


For Jasmin's parent he is a hero and they say "what he is fighting for, takes a lot of courage". 


Even tho Jasmin's father, Dzevad Keserovic, negates that his son is on the video because he is sick and walks around with crutches. He said that his family is not insane nor psychopaths and that he only has words of praise for his son that went to jihad in Syria.


- He went to war in Syria in 2013. If i could see him now, i would tell him to fight for Allah - said the father of the terrorist Dzevad, emphasizing that they heard from him a month ago over Skype.


Jasmin Keserovic was born on 16th Jun 1994 in Zavidovici, and then he left for Syria, together with Bajra Ikanovic and Midhat Djon on 23rd January 2013.



Interpol has issued a red wanted list, on the demand of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because of his connection to the Islamic state and potential danger.


It is known that Jasmin went to high school for technology for six months in Zavidovici where professors did not allow him the daily prayers, because of what he left school and started learning Quran in the well know Wahhabi stronghold, in the village Gornja Maoca.


Using the unofficial information, Avaz writes that his religious teacher was Zijad Bijelic who encouraged him on going to Jihad in Syria and waging war on the side of terrorist organisation of Islamic State.


Jasmin was in the village Gornja Maoca for three years before he went to war to Syria. Just like Jasmin, his older brother went to Gornja Maoca to study Quran.



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