EVERYBODY WOULD LIKE TO DO THIS JOB IN CROATIA: 1.500 wage, and wait to see what work it is...

The average wage in Croatian beer industry is 80% higher that the other industries in Croatia

Last year there were 39 firms that conducted business within beer industry, and the average wage in that department was around 9.000 kunas (around 1.200 euros), which is 5.4% increase compared to the 2014, and 79.3% of average wages from all the Croatian firms, which was around 5.019 kunas (around 670 euros), published by Finnish agency (Fina). 

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The total income of the beer making companies in 2015 was around 2.4 billion kunas, which is around 7.7% increase in comparison to the last year. 

The greatest total income was in Zagreb brewery, 993.5 million kunas, then Heineken Croatia with 682.9 million kunas.

The average wage in Zagreb brewery, with 540 workers, in 2015 was 12.198 kunas (around 1630) euros, and in Heineken 11.225 kunas. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Hina)

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