Sex education introduced in Serbian schools!

Minister without portfolio responsible for population policy Slavica Djukić Dejanović says that she will discuss with Sarcevic about introduction of sex education in schools soon

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Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic announced that the students of secondary schools in Serbia will soon be able to have sexual education classes!

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The introduction of such class will be possible when the change the teaching program, and until then, it would be studies within some other program. Sarevic said that sexual education is needed for students in Serbia because "it deals with significant life subjects", and the minister' decision was supported by National Education Council, experts educators, psychologists and students themselves, writes informer.

- I consider that sex education should be introduced in schools because it is a subject that deals with real life subjects. Before that, however, we must change the teachers plans and programs, which is necessary in order to implement the new class. Until that happens, the solution is to study these themes within Biology or Physical class. Workshops could be organized in schools which could be held by psychologists - he pointed out.

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Minister added that before introducing any new subject in school, we should see what is the weekly workload of children. Minister without portfolio responsible for population policy Slavica Djukic Dejanovic says that she will discuss with Sarcevic about introduction of sex education in schools soon.

That subject would deal with sexual habits, contraception, pregnancy, family planning.

- It would be a special program that would include reproductive health care and students with information about modern contraception. The subject would be valuable, and would serve as the best measure of prevention of unwanted pregnancy, which in our country is a huge problem among young people. It could be realized optional or that these topics carefully incorporated into other subjects - said Djukic Dejanovic.

Foto: Tanjug/Danilo Peternek Foto: Tanjug/Danilo Peternek

Children I Vojvodina are already educated about sex from the subject Health education of reproductive health, which is studied in more than 80 schools. Dragan Popov, from school center "Nikola Tesla" in Vrsac said for Informer that four out of five students come to the class.

- This subject was introduced as a experimental program, to see how will the children behave. We organized the classes like workshops, with 18-20 students. We had different discussions, had gynecologists, urologists, psychologists, in order to bring closes the subject of sex education to students. We educated them about genital despises, planning a family, interpersonal relationships, risk behavior, which is very loved among children - he explained.

Foto: Profimedia/Wavebreak Foto: Profimedia/Wavebreak

President of the Forum of vocational schools Milorad Antic says that Serbian schools should introduce health education, in which children could be educated about sex.

- It should be a compulsory subject, and the children would learn about nutrition, sex, and other important matters - he said.

President of the National Education Council (NEC), Aleksandar Lipovski told Informer that the NEV consider the idea of introducing sex education in schools if it came from the Ministry of Education.

- If there was a proposal to include  sex education  in the curriculum, we would certainly discuss about it and I believe that we would support that idea.


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