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SCANDALOUS PREGNANCY SHOCKED BANJALUKA: Schoolgirl (13) got pregnant with two years older teenager!


The problem of adolescent pregnancies, marriages and abortions each year is growing in the Republika Srpska

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One of the most elite elementary schools in Banjaluka is shaken with a shocking case of the 9th grade schoolgirl, who got pregnant in the age of 13 and is currently 7 months pregnant. 


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The girl got pregnant with two years older boy, and they are allegedly in a longer lasting relationship, and this case caused numerous reactions on the school board parents session, and the Centre for Social Work in Banjaluka joined the case. However, in this facility, as well as in the school little girl goes, because of the protection of minors, they did not want to publish more details, reports fokus.ba.


"Considering that is very sensitive and classified information, publishing those is not in the best interest of minors. Center for Social Work in Banjaluka takes over all activities that are in our jurisdiction and according to legal authority", confirmed for Faktor.ba in this facility. The problem of adolescent pregnancies, marriages and abortions each year is growing in the Republika Srpska. The Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Banja Luka have expressed the fact that the total number of births underage mothers give 3 to 5 per cent. Doctors in Banjaluka point out that there were cases that the mother and the child were receiving child benefits, and they were in doubt whether should they put mother and child on the children's ward.


Also, from 2000 till 2015 there have been 9.996 intentional abortions in Republika Srpska (RS) of which 176 were minors.


Last year, the youngest woman in labor had 15 years, and that old was the youngest girl that had an abortion.


Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia


Ombudsman for children in RS Nada Grahovac marked that communication with children in schools or with parents about sexual activities are still taboo, and the noticeable trend of earlier beginning of sexual life, while in the developed works, the number of deliveries in younger age is reduced, below 20 years.


"Because of the silence of family and school on these issues, children issues and problems in relationships link the information they receive from their peers, magazines and the Internet. The activities must be directed to prevention programs and measures because insufficient knowledge about prevention leads to negative consequences not only for the child but for society as a whole", said Grahovac.


In RS there are over 100 underage marriages, and under expert analysis of these marriages and common law marriage it has been determined that spouses most often have only completed primary school.


Also, even though there are mostly stereotypes that those were mostly Romani marriages, analysis showed that they took only a small percentage.


(Telegraf.co.uk /focus.ba)



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