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HORROR IN ZVORNIK: She gave birth and threw the child into Drina river?!

The cause of possible murder of a child is in postpartum depression

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S.V. from Grbavac near Zvornik appeared this morning around 8:30 in hospital due to health problems, which were caused by childbirth, "Euroblic" unofficially finds out.

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Namely, after she gave birth last night around 12:30 after midnight on the promenade near the winter market stalls in the city center, she appeared to hospital with clear signs of postpartum depression.

What was strange for everybody, is that the fact that the child was nowhere to be found, and the misfortune girl refused to talk about it.

Allegedly, she went to Drina river, where she, probably, threw away the child.

The investigation is still ongoing.




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