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20.000 Red Star fans got the goosebumps with "Tamo daleko": In honor of the late Russian ensemble, their version of the song was played (VIDEO)

Emotional moment before the start of the match between Red Star and CSKA

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Very emotional moment was seen in Arena before the start of the basketball game between BC Red Star and CSKA Moscow, when the song "Tamo daleko" was played performed by Russian ensemble Alexandrov, whose members died after the plane crash in the Black sea.

Emir Kusturica sent a shocking message about the tragedy of Russian ensemble: We played together...

Delije (Red Star fans) posted a slogan on their stands in honor of the ensemble.

- Let the song of this choir of 20.000 be heard to the heavens! - written on the slogan of the Red Star fans.

Watch how it all looked like:



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