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He was laughing while Milenko was dying: A man from Bosnia, who disgusted the entire region, is arrested (VIDEO)

The first child has been discovered and there is evidence that it was stolen: A boy born in Krusevac 38 years ago was proclaimed dead, and now he is searching for his parents

Famous Serbian actor Misa Janketic passed away

Vucic sent condolences to Putin for the tragedy that occurred in Moscow: "We were deeply shaken by the videos of the terrible accident."

Reckless Serb in a BMW caused chaos on a highway near Hamburg: He smashed into a "Ford", the driver died, two passengers injured (PHOTO)

First footages from the scene, the bus, and the truck are charred: The police published the telephone number which could prevent the next tragedy (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A terrible accident, pictures from the scene: Four passengers died in a bus and truck crash in Serbia

Assassinations in Banja Luka with the signature of the mafia: These murders shook the city and each one is more brutal than the last

The footage after the terrible accident where four Serbs died: The driver fell asleep and he smashed the fence. The only survivor was wearing a safety belt (VIDEO)

Terrible comments on Croatian sites about the death of 4 Serbs: "It's their fault, I am not sorry for the fools. Should we introduce Chetnik-vignette?"

Serbs went to celebrate Easter and they died in a car crash in Croatia: Three adults and a child (14) lost their lives

Father and two sons died in a terrible accident while they were returning from engagement party: The driver recorded their last living moments (VIDEO FOOTAGE)

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