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THANK YOU, BROTHERS! Sincere Russian gratitude to Serbia (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Russian nation sent their gratitude to Serbia over their biggest Facebook page

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The Euroleague basketball game was held between BC Red Star and the European champion CSKA Moscow last night. Red Star supporters honored the late Russian military ensemble Alexandrov by playing their version of the song "Tamo daleko". 
20.000 Red Star fans got the goosebumps with "Tamo daleko": In honor of the late Russian ensemble, their version of the song was played (VIDEO)

Serbian Red Star fans Delije showed immense support to the Russian nation in these difficult moments by posting a slogan before the game in their honor: – Let the song of this choir of 20.000 be heard to the heavens!
Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

The response did not lack. They also answered with love. Russian nation sent their sincere gratitude to Serbia over their biggest Facebook page:
"Well done!"
"Thank you Serbia!"

Watch how the Serbian fans honored the late Russian Alexandrov ensemble:


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