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Impossible love of Croat and Roma from Kosovo removed all limits: Mirsad did for Tea what many men would not do (PHOTO)

By moving to Zagreb because of love, Mirsad somewhat jeopardized his career. Tea admits that it was hard imagining living in Kosovo

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It was love at first sight. A love story what many can only wish for. She is blond, he is black, young, beautiful, in love. She is Croat, he is Roma from Kosovo. Its been four and a half years since they started they romance and Tea and Mirsad are living in Zagreb now.


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She is 30, and he is 28. She is a sociologist working in the Center for Peace Studies in which she is leading a program to combat racism and xenophobia and deals with issues of migration and integration processes.


He is a professional musician, a drummer who plays since the age of five. Although both are very dedicated to their careers, they enjoy the moments together, and do not even try to hide their glow of happiness.


Tea Vidovic was born in Zapresic near Zagreb, and Mirsad Dalipi moved to Zagreb because love from Kosovo from the city of Ferizaj once called Urosevac. He is now now fluent in Croatian.


His mother tongue is Albanian, but he is not Albanian, he is Roma, more precisely Ashkali, a member of the Ashkali are considered part of the Roma people, and some of them are called special people. Descendants of the Kosovo Roma who accepted the Albanian culture, language, customs, and the Islamic faith.



We met in Ljubljana where we were together on a seminar where we participated as representatives of NGOs of our countries. Love developed, and after that Tea visited me in Kosovo, and i managed to get Visa and go to Croatia for three weeks. So i asked a visa longer than 3 months. Then we decided to get married - said Mirsad.


At first we spoke English. I would say a few words in Croatian here and there because i wanted to be cute in front of Tea. I am a generation that did not learn Serbian in school. I still have problems with word cases - said Mirsad.


He adds that he is the fist one to have married some girl that is outside of the Ashkali community, and that no one said a word about it.



- People in Croatia don't have that much opportunity to meet people from other cultures and countries, and when they meet they they often ask them questions so stupid they don't even realize how stupid they are - said Tea.


Mirsad confirms that many people in Croatia want to be tolerant in public and more open than they really are. When i was searching for job i saw that being from Roma community makes it more difficult.


By moving to Zagreb because of love, Mirsad somewhat jeopardized his career. Tea admits that it was hard imagining living in Kosovo.



- I was raised by my parents to be individual, and his parents raised him to be part of the collective. I am learning from him to be a part of the collective. At first it was hard for me to sit and to hang with numerous members of his family every time we would come to Kosovo. Now i don't find it that difficult - said Tea.


This couple have plans to hold a wedding on Kosovo because Mirsad wants for his parents to be present. This wedding will be probably documented and noted in the documentary.


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