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Aleksandar survived NATO half a ton bomb: He went to work, and then it flashed! He said goodbye to his life

He thought its over and he said goodbyes to his life, as he said

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Aleksandar Ilic (63), a mason from the village Polom near Vladicin Han, during the NATO aggression survived a half a ton bomb. 

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It was the bombing of the bridge on the South Morava river, a half-ton missile fell ten meters from Ilic.

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the attacks on our country, and Aleksandar Ilic was only 10 meters away from the explosion.

- I remember that night, I went to work to do the night shift. Suddenly eerie sound of a plane was heard that was coming from the direction of Vranje, it seemed like it was going down. I did not get a chance to look at the sky, and something exploded with so much force. There was an explosion, then another, and everything was flying around and flashing on all sides in a split second.

- I lay down on the sidewalk to the curb and covered the head with my hands. After the second detonation there were stones, glass, iron and dust. I thought, it's over. I said goodbye to the life - he says.

And then silence.

- In one moment everything stopped, it went quiet... There were broken electric cables and fire all around me. I was calm and sober headed enough to realize that fire and electricity could kill me - he said.

He ended up with minor cuts from shrapnel and a bit of bad hearing, but as real miracle of NATO bombing.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Informer)

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