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NATO flag was waving in Montenegro: This date will become a part of history of our future (PHOTO)

Minister of Defense of Montenegro on this occasion said that marking April 4 will become a tradition

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Montenegro celebrated the 4th of April, the day when NATO was established, and on this occasion in front of the Ministry of Defense in Podgorica, next to Montenegro's government, the flag of Alliance was waving. 


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On this day in 1949 the foreign ministers of the United States and 11 Western European countries in Washington signed an agreement on the formation of the North Atlantic Alliance.


Minister of Defense of Montenegro on this occasion said that marking April 4 will become a tradition.


- It is a date that will become part of the history of our future, because it testifies that our country has thought about itself for the first time, about its future and the safety of its citizens - said Boskovic.


The Minister stressed that the main foreign policy goals Montenegro has set after the restoration of statehood, Euro-Atlantic integration and NATO membership, are reached in the best possible way.


Foto: Foter/Flickr/lassi.kurkijarvi

Foto: Foter/Flickr/lassi.kurkijarvi


- What is most important, we provided Montenegro with something it didn't have quite often for centuries, and that is peace, stability and safety - said Boskovic.


He reminded that Montenegro, once the least developed member of states of the former Yugoslavia, only 26 years after the breakup of the country, with the membership in the Alliance it is becoming part of the community of most developed countries, not only from an economic point of view, but primarily in terms of respect for human rights, rule of law and everything that contemporary society sees as prosperous and advanced.


Yesterday morning, in front of the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro in Podgorica, next to Montenegro flag, NATO flag was raised as well, since this year's Day of the Alliance is of particular importance, given the upcoming Montenegrin membership in NATO and summit in Brussels, according to the ministry.


Minister of Defense and Chief of the Army of Montenegro, Lieutenant-General Ljubisa Jokic passed through a ceremonial row of honor guards of members of the Army of Montenegro and welcomed the two flags in the presence of members of the minister's and chief's cabinet.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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