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Karleusa answered to Besiktas fans who asked for 3 weeks without SEX with Dusko Tosic! (VIDEO)

Karleusa answered in front of our cameras to the Besiktas fans who asked something from her, which we believe, no one has. They had strong reason, and Karleusa now has even stronger answer

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Fans of the Turkish first league team made chaos with a public plea to Jelena Karleusa, with the aim for Besiktas to win the title.

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The essence of the plea was for Jelene to not have sex with Dusko Tosic for three weeks (at least), so the defensive player could focus on training and football. Jelena is delighted with a fantastic sense of humor that ardent fans of Besiktas showed, and now she responded in front of our camera.

Foto: Facebook/jkdiva

Foto: Facebook/jkdiva

On our question why didn't she do it before and what does she have to say to them now, she gave the best answer.

- I can't explain it to them now, i don't know how much English or Serbian they know, and i really don't know how to say in Turkish that i am not capable of coughing, let alone having sex!

Foto: Twitter/karleusastar

Foto: Twitter/karleusastar

- They can be sure they won't have to worry for three weeks or more. Dusko will be in top form without sex, at least when it comes to me - said Jelena, and there is nothing else left to the fans besides thanking her. And if they win the title - it will be nice to reward her!


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