TIKO, GENIUS: He made a machine to harvest strawberries, STRAWBERRY, which will help many people (VIDEO)

- I picked strawberries once, and my back hurt. The decision was made - said the inventor Tihomir Jovanovic Tika from Smederevo

Masina za branje jagoda
Printskrin: Youtube/Uros Davidovic

Inventor Tihomir Jovanovic Tika from Smederevo created a machine to harvest strawberries which he called "Strawberry" with the aim to make revolution in working on plantations. 

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It is a vehicle which makes harvesting significantly easier by reducing the time spent in the field and helps picking the fruits.

- Strawberry is working manually, there is no engine, nothing. Picker is sitting, he is not getting tired, he is not bending to much, and because of the cover, he doesn't have to worry about the sun or rain. Crate is positioned in front, so the strawberries are in shade and they can't get bad - said Tika.

As he said, his invention has four wheels, cover, and to make it all work, he had to calculate the height and the distance between the wheels so the pickers don't step on the fruits.

What is the most interesting is that he found the idea for this after trying this hard work for himself.

- I picked strawberries once, and my back hurt. The decision was made. I will make it easy for myself, nothing more - he concluded.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / Dobra Zemlja)


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