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Homosexuals are wonderful people, they deserve equal rights, and marriage: Albanian MP in Macedonia stirred things up (VIDEO)

He said homosexuals are wonderful people and that they deserve to receive equal rights, including the right to marry

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The oldest MP in the Macedonian Parliament, Branko Manojlovski from the Albanian DUI, has stirred things up in favor of same-sex marriages.

Ana Brnabic will be SECOND GAY PRIME MINISTER in the history of Serbia (PHOTO)

At the commission for the political system and relations among communities, he said that homosexuals are wonderful people and deserve to receive equal rights, and the right to marry.

- You ask why? Well, here's why. They worked together and built a house, after which one died. And now, the other can not inherit the house because he is homosexual - said Manojlovski.

MP from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Antonio Milososki reacted to his words. He said that no one has anything against any sexual orientation, but the marriage should remain as a union of men and women in order for a family to survive, the village, the city, the state.

- If some countries have decided to legalize deviant occurrences in same-sex marriages, we do not have to import all the bad things - Milososki said.

Part of the media also went for Branko Manojlovic, and a fierce debate was launched through social networks, so he convened a press conference, saying once again that homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals.

- I'm not a homosexual. I'm married, I have two sons, one daughter and seven grandchildren. I have a lot of friends who are homosexuals. They are beautiful, working people and they must enjoy the same rights and have the same obligations as other people with different sexual preferences. This is my personal attitude and no political party stands behind it. There is no difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals, and i draw that experience from living and working in America - said Manojlovski.

Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

In early 2014, with constitutional amendment, marriage in Macedonia was defined exclusively as a union of one man and one woman. This means that homosexual marriages are banned, and only parents of different sexes can adopt children. This change was made in order to "affirm, promote and protect the traditional family and religious values of marriage". 

An initiative started at the end of 2010 was supported with the adopted constitutional amendment related to marriage, started by the leaders of the largest religious communities. Representatives of the Macedonian Orthodox church, Islamic, Catholic, The Gospel Church and Jewish religious community signed request that the marriage should be constitutionally defined as a community of one man and one woman, which would prevent people of same sexual orientation to adopt, opposite to the traditional orientation.

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