Teme: Parliament

The exact hour when "Kosovo Army" is going to be formed is revealed

Hahn won't meet with the representatives of the Serbian list? He traveled to Pristina after the meeting with the president of Serbia

Albanians are not allowing us to celebrate a holiday on Kosovo! A scandalous decision of the parliament in Pristina

The government in Macedonia proposed amending the Constitution: The procedure for changing the name of the state has started, the opposition is against it

Serbs hold the Balkans in their hands: Two governments in the region depend on our votes

Chaos in Pristina continues: After many delays, a session on the Kosovo government negotiating team is scheduled for today

The Law on the Transplantation of human organs has been adopted: Starting from today, every adult person can be a potential donor

The protests are still ongoing because of the new name of Macedonia: Skopje and Thessaloniki have risen, there are people who are arrested (PHOTO)

Croatian delegation suspends the visit to Serbia because of the politician Seselj

A man threatened that he will activate a bomb in front of the Serbian Parliament (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

TEAR GAS was thrown when a member of the Serbian list entered the Kosovo Parliament: The vote on the disputed law was obstructed once again

The Albanian language is now an official language in Macedonia: The conflict of Xhaferi and Gruevski was prevented by security, protests on the streets (VIDEO)

He mentioned bananas and began to laugh as a madman as he realized what he was saying: A show in the Croatian Parliament at 3 in the morning (VIDEO)

Protests in Macedonia over new name: More than 10,000 people went out on Skopje streets, they demanded suspension of negotiations with Greece (PHOTO)

Serbs asked for Kosovo flag to be removed, Macedonians removed everything: Conference of Parliamentary Committees was held in Skopje (VIDEO)

CROATIA WAS HUMILIATED, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED: They sharply attacked Kolinda and Vucic in the parliament, and they mentioned Tudjman and Milosevic

Croat provoked Vucic with questions on the street, and then the president of Serbia turned around and answered him (VIDEO)

National Assembly adopted a Conclusion of Law, Albanian becomes the second official language in Macedonia?

Revenge for Jasenovac? Croats discuss should Serb representatives be prevented from attending the parliament?

Homosexuals are wonderful people, they deserve equal rights, and marriage: Albanian MP in Macedonia stirred things up (VIDEO)

SLOVENIA WON THE WAR AGAINST CROATIA: Court decided whose Piran Bay is (PHOTO)

TOMORROW IS D-DAY FOR CROATIA AND SLOVENIA: The Hague Court issues a final verdict on a dispute that lasts for more than a decade

GREAT TWIST: Haradinaj negotiates with Serbs! He claims that he secured the majority for forming a government

First speech of Aleksandar Vucic as a president: We told the truth and started to change it, both it and ourselves!

HARADINAJ PERSISTANT IN HIS THREATS: When i become a prime minister, there won't be Serbia on Kosovo

Talat Xhaferi has omitted the past from his biography because of which many families weep today

LATEST NEWS: Xhaferi got keys of the Sobranie government (VIDEO)

Zaev: I'll get a mandate to form new government

Fans of Serbia headed for Macedonia: Red Star supporters and United Force first arrived in Skopje

They took bloody people on their hands out of the parliament, and then shock bombs from Macedonian police: The scenes that are not forgotten (PHOTO) (VIDEO)