The so-called State of Kosovo has the Army from today, the Pristina Assembly adopted the law: Vucic in the Land Security Zone, KFOR at the bridge in Mitrovica (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The exact hour when "Kosovo Army" is going to be formed is revealed

Hahn won't meet with the representatives of the Serbian list? He traveled to Pristina after the meeting with the president of Serbia

Albanians are not allowing us to celebrate a holiday on Kosovo! A scandalous decision of the parliament in Pristina

The government in Macedonia proposed amending the Constitution: The procedure for changing the name of the state has started, the opposition is against it

Serbs hold the Balkans in their hands: Two governments in the region depend on our votes

Chaos in Pristina continues: After many delays, a session on the Kosovo government negotiating team is scheduled for today

The Law on the Transplantation of human organs has been adopted: Starting from today, every adult person can be a potential donor

The protests are still ongoing because of the new name of Macedonia: Skopje and Thessaloniki have risen, there are people who are arrested (PHOTO)

Croatian delegation suspends the visit to Serbia because of the politician Seselj

A man threatened that he will activate a bomb in front of the Serbian Parliament (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

TEAR GAS was thrown when a member of the Serbian list entered the Kosovo Parliament: The vote on the disputed law was obstructed once again

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