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The two of them can't have children, so they decided to make their life a living magic (PHOTO)

Silve and Toni will be inseparable 24/7 in the next 365 days, they will cross hundreds of thousands of kilometers, over all continents and over 40 states

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Married couple Mitrevi from Skopje, Silvana, Silve (50) for her friends, and her husband Anton, Toni (60), will start going on a far away and uncertain path, they have decided to travel and to "Embrace the entire world". 

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They will hug Macedonia at first. They started spreading their warm hugs from this weekend, visiting various parts of the country on a motorbike

They are brave and sweet people, who have been married for 26 years, and they say that they are "one whole, inseparable entity Silve & Toni". They quit their jobs in their companies where they were working just to fulfill their largest desire - to embrace the entire world at least when they couldn't hug their children. 

Foto: embracetheworld.world

This is their joint confession.

- When we were still a young married couple we dreamed about the home filled with children, laughter, smiles, diapers, cribs, chairs for babies, babies crying. We wanted to have at least three children. I even gave them names and they haven't been conceived yet. But life doesn't fulfill wishes. Despite all attempts, we didn't make it. 

- Many years later, we gave up on that front. But then we started working on our different firstborn. Project "Embrace the world" is our first child. And I know, I feel that we will succeed this time. Simply, this is our first born has to come alive.

Foto: embracetheworld.world

- The team working on "Embrace the world" reminds me very much of my family who gave me unconditional support in six of our in-vitro fertilization. 

- My Toni loves motorbikes for more than 40 years, and he managed to embrace me too. I was probably one of the rare ones who climbed on the bike crying. I sat on the bike just because I love Toni because I wanted to be a small part of his passion. I infiltrated over the years so much that we are planning to go around the world on a bike.

Foto: embracetheworld.world

- The decision was made. Toni and I will try to fulfill our lifelong dream. The decision was hard. Devotion and mapping the new and uncertain roads are expected of us. It's not simple. We left our birthplaces, the comfort of our home, the safety our country provided us, to go on an adventure. There is fear for our own health, fear of the unknown, from accidents it the world we are about to meet. Yes, the two of us share the same fears and the same passion.

Foto: embracetheworld.world

- We will be inseparable 24/7 in the next 365 days, they will cross hundreds of thousands of kilometers, over all continents and over 40 states.

- Its hard, we know, but it wasn't easy when we traveled for thousands of kilometers in 20 years trying to find the best doctor for sterility to help us. There were a lot of tears, desperation, worthlessness. That is why we have to succeed this time. We have to embrace our first child. 

Foto: embracetheworld.world

The challenge accepted. Gloves are off. Macedonia is going on a trip around the world to hug the planet with a sincere message about humanity, friendship, peace, and harmony. Those moments are short, but sincere hugs will remain in everybody's hearts.

- The world loves to love. People seek peace, freedom, serenity, good. We won't bring food to the poor, but we will hug them, we won't bring water to the thirsty, but we will hug them, we won't bring peace to war, but we will spread or hangs and we will smile to hug them. Those seconds of sincere and warm hugs are the food for the hungry, water for thirsty and peace for war countries. Macedonia is hugging the world.

(Telegraf.co.uk /D.J.)

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