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Macedonia is next to enter NATO: Former commander of the Alliance said that it is the next step towards strengthening of Balkans

Former commander of the alliance James G. Stavridis considers that it would be the next step towards strengthening of Balkans

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Macedonia is the next state that will join NATO alliance, said the Former commander of the alliance, James G. Stavridis, who thinks that it would be the next step towards the unification and the strengthening of Balkans

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- I hope that Greece will be able to work out the conflict about the name with Macedonia, that will open the door to Macedonia to become the part of NATO. I think that Macedonia will join the Alliance - said Stavridis for the Voice of America.

He considers that it would be the next step towards strengthening of Balkans.

American Vice president Mike Pence, in the name of the president Donald Trump, repeated the support to Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia in the conversation with the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev earlier this month.

- Pence said that the USA continues to support Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Macedonia, and he encouraged Zaev to continue with reforms of priority that will speed up the Macedonian way in that direction - announced from the White House.


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