Toxicologist Dragan Joksovic on poison Praljak took in the Hague Tribunal. Only CYANIDE works that fast!

If the concentration of cyanide is is high, the death comes immediately with the cardiac arrest and the loss of consciousness

General Slobodan Praljak, who drank poison during the announcement of the statement, has passed away in the hospital. Many wondered what could Praljak drink and how did he bring it in the courtroom.

LATEST NEWS: Croat General Slobodan Praljak has died after drinking poison in the Hague Tribunal!

Who is Slobodan Praljak who killed himself with poison in The Hague Tribunal? He graduated from three faculties and he earned millions, and then he went to war (VIDEO)

Croat drank poison during the announcement of the verdict?! The incident in the Hague Tribunal, the trial has been stopped! (VIDEO)

According to the toxicologist prof. dr. Dragan Joksovic, the only poison that could act that fast was Cyanide.

- Only cyanide can act that quickly. That is the only poisoning I haven't seen because when they reach me, they are already dead - said Joksovic for Telegraf.

We recall, the announcement of the verdict of the Hague Tribunal in the case "Prlic and the others" was suddenly stopped when one of the accused, Slobodan Praljic, drank a liquid from a vial, and it was poison according to his lawyer.

Foto: AP/Tanjug

In the moment when his sentence has been said, Praljak drank the poison in the middle of the courtroom in front of everybody. "I reject your verdict". Prior to that, he said that he is not a war criminal and he expressed his contempt. A loud "no" could be heard from the gallery where the family was located, while Praljak was drinking the liquid from the bottle. 


Cyanide is a colorless gas or a very volatile colorless liquid, which smells like bitter almonds, otherwise very unstable compound. Cyanide produces several bacteria, fungi, and algae, and also it can be found in many plants, mainly in their seeds. 


This is probably the most famous poison because it was used by many killers in history who wanted to remove their targets with "natural deaths" - considering that the death which comes as an effect of cyanide poisoning looks like a heart attack. If the concentration of cyanide is is high, the death comes immediately with the cardiac arrest and the loss of consciousness.

Symptoms occur within minutes. When it comes to exposure to massive doses, an apoplectic form of poisoning develops, where after one breath, the patient senses the scent of almonds, dizziness, tightness in the chest, sudden loss of consciousness, then comes breathing paralysis and cardiac arrest with a deadly outcome within 1 to 2 minutes.


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