The arrest of terrorists from Macedonia who fought in Syria and Iraq: Islamist returnees are a threat to everyone (PHOTO)

The crime that will never be forgotten: It has been four years since the brutal murder of Tijana Juric

The greatest monster of all times will arrive soon to Serbia: He murdered 14 people, and there were children among them (PHOTO)

A man was shooting in Nis. He was on a probation: If the policeman hadn't stopped him, we would've had a massacre

We entered the newest Serbian Alcatraz: It looks like Pentagon, the fierce criminals will be there and it is impossible to escape (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The bitter fates of all 12 godfathers of Luka Bojovic: They butchered, murdered, and then they ended up even worse

The defender of the accused in the Zakynthos case: Serbian boys won't go to a lifetime in prison, even if it is proven that they committed aggravated murder!

Greeks want lifetime sentence for seven Serbs on Zakynthos: The investigation showed that Henderson was killed in just 11 seconds

Stojan first hit grandpa Sveta with a car, and then the sisters Milica and Marija. They are all dead now, and what is his punishment? (PHOTO)

Former convicts from Kragujevac thought about committing a crime again. But then, they started their own business (PHOTO)

Praljak's suicide investigation completed: It was revealed if someone helped him kill himself

The worst prisons of Balkans: Chaos in Idrizovo and reduced sentences, they rape snitches in Zenica, "Glina" threatens with "rubber rooms", and in Spuz - with fists (VIDEO)

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