UNPRECEDENTED IN SERBIAN FOOTBALL: Fans left a gift for the opposing player, and he said: One day, I will return the favor (PHOTO)

Taurunum Boys didn't forget Aleksandar Kirovski...

It can be heard often that the lovers of football are eager for Zemun to return to the Superleague, most of all, because of their fan group Taurunum Boys!

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And they were right! The fan scene got a bit of color, as well ass the football scene. 

The last example of that is a detail from the match between Curagica and Zemun, where they once again showed that they are caring about "their own". Although they might play for the opposing team.

You guessed it, it is a goalkeeper Aleksandar Kirovski who became a legend of the club with the age 27. Popular Kira is now the member of Brdjani, but he didn't defend the goal due to injury.

Foto: fkčukarički

The Zemun fans cheered for him again, and they did something amazing at the end of the match (or rare), which was never seen in our fields.

- They cheered for me during the game and at the end, I went there to say hi. Then I realized that they have a present for me. It was a scarf - said Kirovski for Telegraf, and then he continued:

- It is a really strange feeling. I remembered all the nice days I spent in that club. I am thankful and I will remember everything they did for me when I return to the club one day. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / M.Maric)

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