"If you want to live to hundred, don't sit in a coffee shop": The oldest mountaineer from Nis celebrated her birthday, and her words will hurt many

Selfie grandpa is currently the hottest topic on Instagram: A pensioner from Kraljevo is amazed by his sudden fame

Marjan delivered his wife on the way to the hospital: I have seen the baby's head, staring at me, as if she wants to say: "Dad, take me out" (PHOTO)

We haven't seen anything like this in Bosnia: The owner of the company gifted "Audi A8" to his best worker (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

This video from a field confused the Macedonians: A man found an interesting phenomenon which can "swallow" you (VIDEO)

The largest portion of 2.160 pieces of kebabs in Bosnia and Herzegovina: More than 300 people ate everything in just 15 minutes (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

"So what if Milojko (74) can be my grandpa, we are connected emotionally and sexually": Miljana and Milojko are in love (PHOTO)

After three decades of a perfect life in Switzerland, Ljubisa returns to Serbia: He has a special mission in his birth village (PHOTO)

Complete sensation in Croatia: They masked themselves in Kolinda from the World Championship (VIDEO)

A train full of tanks stopped in Croatia: No one knows where they come from and where they are going

Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting a license to research the Moon and the comments are hilarious

Djokovic met his greatest fan: The Serb was almost kicked out from the Australian Open during the match, and then he became the happiest man in the world (VIDEO)

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