They asked Rafael if Roger is his greatest rival: He mentioned Novak and Federer won't like the answer!

The king of the clay has no problems with vanity

Rafael Nadal admitted that the duels against Novak Djokovic are the hardest.

Red Star and Partizan fans want to know this: Big Shots dropped to Europa League, it will be hell in the knockout phase!

The king of the clay is the best tennis player in 2017, and the great pause of Novak Djokovic was very good for him, who decided to rest, to recover his elbow and to start winning again in 2018.

At the Cadena Ser stadium, Rafa answered the question whether Roger Federer was his greatest rival.

- That is a complex question. When we look at the titles and accomplishments, Federer is the greatest of all times in our sport. But, is he the best one I ever played? Perhaps, but I played against the great Djokovic and few other great players - said Nadal, who didn't stop there.

- It wouldn't be fair to say that Federer is not the best player I ever played against if we look at his titles and results. But, technically speaking, When Djokovic was at the top of his game, I have to admit, I had a feeling I was playing against the unbeatable tennis player - Rafael Nadal.


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