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CIA is offering 160.000 dollars a year, you just have to know the Serbian language! There is only one condition you have to fulfill!

Everybody applying for the job will go through rigorous testing

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Those who speak Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian language are the perfect candidates to work in the greatest spy agency in the world. The job CIA published starts with the question "Do you speak Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian?", and those who managed to get a job in this agency are getting bonuses up to 35.000 dollars, depending on how well they know the mentioned languages, and from the role they are starting, as soon as they start working.

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Foreign language instructor in CIA headquarters in Washington has a salary of 161.900 dollars, without various bonuses, so this position is probably the most desirable.

- CIA is offering top training to energetic, creative and persistent professionals. Language instructors complete programs that offer students all the necessary cultural and language knowledge necessary to work and stay abroad - written in the advertisement.

CIA is also searching for candidates for gathering and processing but also for using of open source information. The salary is a bit lower, but the work is probably a bit more "exciting".

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

- As an officer of using the open source information (OSEO) for CIA, you will discover, gather, and estimate publically available information, known as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), in dynamic and increasingly wider digital surrounding. OSINT includes traditional media, academic works, geospatial data and technology, datasets, social media and plays an important role in all aspects of the Agency's work.

- As an OSEO, you will develop plans that use effective tools and methodologies to research and collect information about open source information. By using your knowledge of the geographical or thematic area, the open source information environment, and the language skills, you will disclose your discovery in written products and information - says that advertisement, with the note  "There are open possibilities of home and foreign travels", writes Blic.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia, Corbis

An operational position like the previous one for Digital Targeters (DT) within CIA.

- Creative architect and they enable advanced operations focused on a wide specter of priorities. They administer technical expertise for using the secret and publicly available information (known as open source data) using the specialized methodologies and digital tools for planning, initiation, and support of technical or human information tasks (HUMINT), also including mixed affairs.

- DTs are research-driven individuals, pragmatic and prone to developing innovative digital solutions for complex problems and effectively communicating these solutions with non-technical partners. They have strong support in the continuous progress and improvement of their technical, analytical and exploitative skills. At the same time, DTs serve as primary digital interlocutors with key partners - Blic writes.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

One of the conditions the applicants have to meet is that they didn't use drugs in the last year, and the CIA itself will check that. Besides that, everybody applying for the job will go through rigorous testing.

- Friends, families, individuals or organizations can show their interest that you have applied for the job or you have received it in CIA. Their profession, however, doesn't have to be benign or in your interest. You can't control what they told to people. That is why we ask of you to remain discreet about your employment with the Agency - mentioned in the warning which follows all advertisements for the job.


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