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Macedonians did the impossible: They conquered three highest mountaintops on Balkans in just one day (PHOTO)

Cold and snow didn't bother them

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Three Macedonian mountaineers from Skopje, Aleksandar Kirkovski, Igor Jovanovski and Dimitar Todorovski did the impossible. They conquered the three highest mountain peaks in the Balkans - Musala (2925 meters above sea level) on the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria, Mitikas (2918) at Mount Olympus in Greece and Vihren (2915) on the Pirin Mountain in Bulgaria in just a day and a half, counting the time took for transport. 

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Despite the great cold and deep snow, these three brave mountaineers succeeded in reaching the mountain peaks in different locations in Bulgaria and Greece in a single try, using just conventional means of transport between the locations.

They planned to climb these peaks in one day and night, but the rough weather conditions didn't allow them, but they managed to do almost impossible - three highest mountaintops on Balkans, together with the transport between the mountains, 600 km long, in just 30 hours and 55 minutes.

Foto: Facebook/Aleksandar Kirkovski

- It took 21 hours just to climb the mountains. In that time, we crossed 60 kilometers and over 5000 meters of altitude in rough mountain conditions. It usually takes around 2 days for each of the tops in these conditions. We won all three tops in a day and a half, Aleksandar Kirkovski said, member of the mountaineering club Makedon and a licensed guide to the Federation of Mountain Sports of Macedonia.

The conquering of the first top started 10 minutes before midnight on 25th December from the place Gorcia.

Foto: Facebook/Aleksandar Kirkovski

They were at the top in early morning hours, and they crossed it in 9 hours and 26 minutes.

Then there was a transport to the Bulgarian place Bansko and Banderiske Poljane, where they climbed the third highest top on Balkans in four hours and 45 min - Vihren on the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.

There wasn't much time for rest, so they started going for the third and the highest top in the following night - Musala on the mountain of Rila in Bulgaria. Due to fatigue, Igor Jovanovski remained in the Mountain Home at 2500 meters, and Aleksandar Kirkovski and Dimitar Todorovski managed to conquer this top in 7 hours and 35 minutes.

Foto: Facebook/Aleksandar Kirkovski


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