We all know that the Church of Saint Sava is the greatest temple in Serbia, and where is the smallest? (PHOTO)

One of the legends said that the little church was brought to the ridge by fairies, other say that those were hajduks

We know that the largest Serbian sanctuaries are Hilandar, the Temple of Saint Sava in Vracar and many Serbian monasteries. But, did you know that there is a smallest Serbian sacred sanctuary on the ridge of the river Moravica between Ivanjica and Arilje?

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One of the legends said that the little church was brought to the ridge by fairies, other say that those were hajduks.

The believers are guarding it for centuries, and now, the state also restores the marvelous sanctuary together with the fortress from a sixth century.

A narrow and rocky road leads to the smallest church in Serbia, it can take only two people for a prayer. The legend says that hajduks carried it to the next hill during the invasion of the Turks.

Although it was placed above the gorge, there is someone praying in the church dedicated to Saint Ilija in every moment.

Foto: Glas Zapadne Srbije

The church of St Ilija is over the gorge of the river Moravica, at the altitude of 660 meters. Prilike and Divljajka are on the left, and Obla Glava and Majdani are on the right.

According to the notes of Felix, the church was probably made on the ruins of the old Roman house. Turks burnt it on many occasions, but the people rebuilt it many times. Service is held three times a year here for Bele Poklade, Ilindan, and Decorating the king Krstitelj.

It is called Hajduk church in some sources, and many call monastery Klisura like that because the priests were concealers of hajduks at the time of Turk occupation. Folk belief is that if a priest comes here for his service, and if he is without a sin, he can go freely around the church without falling into the abyss.

If someone decided to do that, he should do it three times. If he is sinful, and he goes around the church, that should be understood as forgiveness of the sins. According to the belief, the church was moved from Grivska to the top of Gradina when Turks tried to destroy it.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Glas zapadne Srbije)

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