Doctors were convincing Lidija to leave her sick son, and now he is working and driving his "cruiser". Nothing can stop him (PHOTO)

A severe illness didn't shorten his temperament, and he is tirelessly cycling the napkins and straws around Bitola catering facilities

The cerebral palsy failed to tie up Pece Angelovski (40) to the bed, or a wheelchair. You can meet him every day or see him on the streets "cruising in his cruiser" in his birth town at the south of Macedonia. Pecko, as everybody calls him like that, said that it is his modified bicycle with a canopy. 

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A severe illness didn't shorten his temperament, and he is tirelessly cycling the napkins and straws around Bitola catering facilities. Proffit is small, but the pleasure is great. Work fulfills him and makes his life beautiful, driving the bike is his best physical exercise and therapy.

- Persistence pays off. I get everywhere with the "cruiser". There is no place in the city I haven't visited. I don't want to be by the television or computer all day. I want to go out, to meet people, my friends, to hear what is going on in Bitola - Pece Angelovski said for Skopje portal sdk.mk.

His fight to live a normal life despite the great handicap won the hearts of people of Bitola. 

Foto: Facebook/Pece Pecka TA Angelevski

- One of the bikes is a donation from Bitola citizens. People in cafes gathered money and got a bike that cost 1.240 euros over the internet from England. He is using it to leave the house and to go to the market, where he sits in another one, Chinese bike with an auxiliary engine, donation of MKS, and he is using it to go around the city. However, the problem is that that in inverter broke down and the engine is not working. They are not making those anymore so we don't know where to get one - his mother Lidija Angelovska said.

Pece Angelovski inherited his fighting spirit from his mother Lidija, retired typist, who is his main support in his life. She said that when she gave birth to him in 1977, doctors failed to diagnose what Pece had. He was just nine months old when they took him to Germany where they told her that he was suffering from cerebral palsy. Her battle started right there to ease the suffering her son had, to put him on his feet, and to enable him a normal life.

Foto: Facebook/Pece Pecka TA Angelevski

She sought medical help in clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia... He started walking when he was close to 5 years old, thanks to the special treatment, and he started riding a bike when he was just a child.

Lidija told portal sdk.mk that the doctors in Macedonia advised her to give up on her sick child and to pay attention to her healthy child.

- We asked to go to Ljubljana because we read in papers that a certain doctor put some kind of device into spine so these children could walk. I asked the hospital to give me the documents so we can go to Ljubljana, and the doctor said: "Come on, why do you want me to give you the documents for this child, take care about the other healthy child you have at home, leave this". That was a terrible blow for me, Lidija said.

Foto: Facebook/Pece Pecka TA Angelevski

Unlike doctors in Macedonia, the doctors abroad looked at these kinds of patients differently.

- They treated him here as if there is no help left. However, doctor Petar Zeskov, from Prilep, who worked in a clinic in Zagreb, gave me the will to live. He told me - this child can be taught, to be smart, to have excellent memory, Lidija remembers.

Foto: Facebook/Pece Pecka TA Angelevski

Although Pece Angelevki only graduated from elementary school, he is using a computer with no problems today. 

He can't be happier these days. He got a gift from Bitola hospital a used electric scooter, a donation from Sweeden, which is almost as good as new. He will ride it only for his personal needs and around the city, and the bike will remain his basic tools for work, and he said that he won't change it.

Foto: Facebook/Pece Pecka TA Angelevski

His mother is happy as well, and she would be even happier of Pece got married.

- My greatest desire is for him to find a girlfriend. There are girls with a handicap who would maybe be with him, to have someone after we are gone, to help each other out - Pece's mother Lidija said.


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