The sweetest village in Serbia is finally going under UNESCO protection: Every resident is doing a single craft

Whoever goes bear this village, they have to stop by

The Ministry of Culture has initiated a procedure to place the unique pottery making craft onto the UNESCO list of the non-material cultural heritage. 

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A mixture of stone and clay, along with centuries of experience, passed from one generation to another, in Zlakusa, a village near Uzice, is getting a new value.

A trademark of the village and the four centuries old pottery tradition is its earthen pot in all its glory, made with the unique technique after the recipe which is only used here.

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Until the launch of the International Colony of Artistic Ceramics in Zlakusa, in the mid-nineties of the last century, the pottery craft has almost disappeared.

The basic idea was for the artists to come, who will base on the craft skill and the authenticity, make sculptures.

The combination of tradition and art, for almost two and a half decades of existence, works of 330 artists from 33 countries, breathed a new life into the village and instigated the old Zlakusa pottery makers.

There are more than 30 craftsmen in Zlakusa, and with the educational program of Uzice Art School, the authentic pottery craft in Zlakusa "lives on", just like in old times, and awaits confirmation of the world cultural heritage.

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