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Scandal in the middle of a press conference: Croatian State Secretary resigned - the state is dying, and we are not talking seriously about it!

The scandal happened just a few moments after the Minister of Demography Nada Murganic presented the new measures

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State Secretary in the Ministry of Demography, Marin Strmota, resigned amid a press conference and shocked the Croatian public, but also a competent minister who was sitting next to him at the time of this sudden resignation.

Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic admitted: There were attempts to stop Vucic's visit to Croatia!

Strmota resigned just a few moments after the Minister of Demography Nada Murganic presented the new measures. The trigger for this action was the statement by the journalists that the measures presented by the minister had already been presented three months ago.

- I agree with you, this is a great folklore. After a year and four months in the government, as a demographer and young man, I think that this is not serious enough, and with today's day, I am resigning as Secretary of State. The state is dying, we have the worst situation since the state was formed, and we are not talking seriously about it... I, as a young man, a citizen of Croatia, a father of two children, a husband of an unemployed wife, unemployed parents, I do not believe that anything will be solved by this approach - Strmota said.

The minister said that she didn't know about the resignation. 

That is impatience of a young man, of a scientist. The statistics are not favorable, but these unfavorable trends did not arise during this Government. There is great pressure from the public and there is a great desire to do more. These are three very important measures that are now fully elaborated and they will bring success - she said, but she did not want to comment on the media's allegations she will be replaced in Plenkovic's government. 

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