Serbia DOMINATED at the Arms Fair in Abu Dhabi: This is the pride of our military (VIDEO)

Serbia is safe with this ammunition

Serbia exhibited its best military weapons at the largest World Arms Fair held in Abu Dhabi every year at the end of February, which was held this year from February 25th to 27th. The international exhibition of weapons and military equipment is called "UMEX 2018". The 14th Fair was held this year.

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On this occasion, the best and most modern weapons were exhibited by the Army of Serbia. The aim of this performance was the presentation of the possibilities of Serbian defense industry, development an, production programs.

Printskrin: Youtube/Archi Mne

The unmanned helicopter "stolen" (hornet) caused great attention as an advanced project of the Serbian arms industry.

This helicopter was first shown last year at this fair. The unmanned aircraft can fly for four hours at a height of four kilometers.

This helicopter uses rockets with a range of up to nine kilometers.

Printskrin: Youtube/Archi Mne

In addition to this helicopter, a powerful off-road, remote-controlled, with a "spider" rocket system vehicle was also on display.

Also, an unmanned scout drone "vrabac" was also presented. 

Printskrin: Youtube/Archi Mne

A large number of countries are presenting their arms at the largest Arms Fair.

Watch the video:

Serbia's stand caused the great attention of the visitors who came to be a part of this Fair. 

VIDEO: Arms Fair Partner 2017


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