Jokic scored 36 points against LeBron's Cavs, Bogdan had a horror night against the furious Mirotic! (VIDEO)

Denver and Kings have been defeated

Denver basketball players lost to Cleveland with 113:108, while Sacramento was defeated by New Orleans Pelicans with 114:101.

Son, if you are not giving your best for Denver, you won't play at all: Jokic got a strong warning from the coach after another bad game! (VIDEO)

After many oscillations, Nikola Jokic returned to his old self, he scored 36 points against Cavs (12-14 from the game, 2-3 for three points, 10-11 from free throw line) with six assists and 13 rebounds for 33 minutes, while LeBron James led the team to the victory with 39 points, 10 assists, and eight rebounds.

In Denver, Harris scored 18 points, James scored 15 points, and it is a great shame because Nuggets didn't manage to turn the score when they woke up in the last part.

Cleveland was leading throughout the entire match, Nuggets were fighting back when they took the lead with 96:93, but this is where they completely stopped and when they let James do the rest, who caused delirium on his bench with triumphant points, he scored the last nine for his team.

On the other side, Bogdan Bogdanovic will try to forget his duel with Pelicans as soon as possible, he had 0-6 from the play in 26 minutes, he had three shots for three points, with three assists and four rebounds.

Nikola Mirotic was the trump card of Pelicans with 26 points and 10 rebounds for 31 minutes, Davis was pleased with 17 points, and Kings only had Hield with 20 points.

NBA, results:

Indiana - Utah 84: 104

Chicago - Memphis 119: 110

Detroit - Toronto 119: 121

Milwaukee - Houston 99: 110

Sacramento - New Orleans 101: 114

Denver - Cleveland 108: 113

Lakers - Orlando 108: 107


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