Ana (26) drives a truck, a bus, and fast motorbikes: And wait until you see her photos in a swimsuit! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Ana's workday sometimes lasts for 15 hours, and she doesn't feel tired

Beautiful, ambitious, versatile Ana Lukajic (26) from Banja Luka is a real proof of the proverb "everything can be done if you want it", since this young girl has graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, besides being an optician, beautician, confectioner, tennis referee, model and truck, bus, and a motorbike driver.

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Ana still didn't use her knowledge from the university in her work.

- It was my desire to do that, but there simply wasn't any opportunity for that so I went the other way where I could find work. I am working full time as an optician, and in the saloon part-time, depending how many appointments I have, that usually comes down to 12 to 15 work hours a day - Ana Lukajic said.

- I have been doing this job for 10 years. I am doing nails and cosmetic services, and I got into optics two years ago and I learned that job as well, the trade to be more precise - Ana explains.

Foto: Instagram/leo.ana

A large number of women is doing some beauty jobs, however, there are little of those who know how to drive a bus, a truck, a large truck, a motorbike.

- It was normal somehow. Since my father and brother are in transport, it was normal for me to take the driver's test, even though I am a woman - this young girl from Banja Luka explains who feels as if she was in an ordinary car behind the wheel of a bus, Anadolija writes.

Ana inherited her love for vehicles from her father.

Foto: Instagram/leo.ana


This girl got her knowledge and love for making cakes from her mother.

- I love doing that, I don't do that too often, it all depends on the needs of the customers - Ana mentioned.

The girl whose day starts around six in the morning and ends around midnight is also a referee on the ATP Challenger Banja Lika, for seven, eight years, thanks to her ITF license for tennis referee. She was a referee few times abroad.

Foto: Instagram/leo.ana

Ana's workday sometimes lasts for 15 hours, and besides all of that, she manages to go to the fitness training.

- I rarely have time for myself besides that training, and I dedicate that to myself purely because of the health and for my back - she adds.


- I rarely feel tired, people notice that on me more than I do. I am used to working that much and it feels strange when I am not working. It feels like it isn't mee, I feel useless - this young girl from Banja Lika explains.

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According to Ana, young people should get as much knowledge and skills.

- Especially the girls who should know as many crafts as possible so they can have something to do, and not spend time on something uninteresting - to use it on something useful, it doesn't matter what, just to do something. I am an example to myself that everything pays off at the end, any kind of effort - the versatile and beautiful Ana gave an advice.

Foto: Instagram/leo.ana

- As you can see, I am an example that if you try hard you will succeed. You can do nails, and to drive a truck, and to make cakes and everything else. It's all from a person to a person. Every knowledge, skill, everything new you learn can be used somewhere and to cash it out at the end and to make a nice living - this young girl mentions.

Besides all of the jobs, Ana manages to find time for friends and family.

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