Vince Carter for Telegraf: I am amazed each time when I see Bogdan dunking in my honor! (VIDEO)

Vince Carter, although he celebrated his 41st birthday in January, goes to every game with unwavering fire and occasionally entertains us with dunks, just like in old days

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Carter now has a new role in Sacramento Kings, he is in charge of transferring the priceless NBA experience to talents, and he has a particularly good relationship with our Bogdan Bogdanovic

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Although Bogdan has a slightly different treatment from younger rookies, he is already a well-known European player with many great club and national team successes.

However, NBA league is an entirely different dimension, and that is why Carter is always there for Bogi.

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It is especially interesting that Vlade Divac came personally to Carter's home address to convince Vince to pack his suitcases and to wear the Kings' jersey at the end of his career. 

Vince didn't need much time to make a decision, they know each other well from the best days, and one of them was especially painful for Divac, the older fans certainly remember dunking over our legend.

That is now a theme in many of their jokes, and Carter likes the role of the extended arm of the coach at the bench of Kings, especially when he is preparing advice for Bogdanovic.

- We knew that a player comes who had a rough season, we knew that he is very capable and that he will be a very good player. One of those people who ask a lot of questions. He studies the game, he asks the question and he tries very hard. That is bad sometimes. When he should rest a bit, he wants to be even better, and he continues to work - Carter said.

After one of his best dunks in the current period of NBA, against Boston, he looked straight at you?

- I gave him one of my bracelets and he told me that it helped him dunk. You know,  that is the kind of our friendship. I was happy to see that and I smile every time when I see the video.

You can watch the entire video at the top of the news.

VIDEO - Bogdan Bogdanovic on advice he received from Nikola Jokic

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