Unprecedented scandal in the Clinical Center of Montenegro: They gave someone else's baby to the mother, and the husband noticed that the child was too small when they got home

When they came home, the mother unwrapped the newborn girl and saw that the numbers of the bracelets are not the same

An unprecedented situation happened in the maternity ward of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, a mother was discharged with the wrong baby, RTCG reported.

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It was announced from the Clinical Center that in the future three more people from the clinic will be present during the discharge - a neonatologist and two nurses.

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After they were sent home, the mother and her husband couldn't even imagine that the child wasn't theirs, and the father was the first one who suspected something because the baby was a lot smaller. When they got home, the mother unwrapped the newborn girl and they saw that the numbers on the bracelets didn't match.

They returned to the maternity ward, and their child was waiting for them.


They determined in the Clinical Center that the babies were switched.

- During the discharge, the nurse, and the mother didn't notice that the mother and the baby didn't have the same number. The oversight happened due to irresponsible work and disrespecting of the protocol regarding the discharge procedure. The oversight was noticed right away and it was removed - they stated from the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

The Director of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics reported the event immediately to the Clinical Center administration, and a disciplinary procedure was initiated against the responsible nurse, in order to change the work position and suspension.

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