While the patients are waiting in the line, the nurse in Zagreb is playing games: She closed her post so no one can bother her (PHOTO)

The entire situation took place in Clinical-Hospital Center

The shocking photo was taken around 11 AM in the Clinical-Hospital center in Zagreb and it shows a nurse playing a video game during work hours. 

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The additional was caused by the fact that she closed her window, and there was no sign that she was on a break.

Two men stood next to the nurse and watched her having fun at work. She didn't even pay attention to them.

- This is the image of the Croatian healthcare - one of the comments on this situation.

Foto: Index.hr

They commented on this situation from the Clinical-Hospital center in Zagreb.

- We will investigate the circumstances of the situation and we will inform you about what was done - Prim.Dr. Milivoj Novak answered, the Assistant Director for Quality of Health Care and Surveillance

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(Telegraf.co.uk / index.hr)

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