It is official! The new name of Macedonia will be the Republic of Northern Macedonia

The agreement was finally made

Makedonija zastava
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Macedonia's new name, agreed with the official Athens, will be the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in Skopje.

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Zaev said that this solution, achieved after a multi-year dispute with Greece, guarantees national identity and progress of the country.

- The name "Republic of Northern Macedonia" will have a universal use, which will be specified with an amendment to the Constitution - Zaev said at a press conference, attended by all ministers in the Government of Macedonia.

He added that the language remains Macedonian, inhabitants remain Macedonians, and that the country's security is also guaranteed.

Zaev described the agreement as historic, stating that "there is no longer the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".

- We must use this opportunity boldly and bravely. We don't want defeats but victories. We have a historical solution to the dispute between Greece and Macedonia. We have the key in our hand to open economic perspective and a better life for the citizens of Macedonia. We are strengthening the national identity with this solution - Zaev said.

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The agreement will, he said, be presented to all relevant political entities in the country and will be signed by representatives of the two governments, followed by ratification in both parliaments. It is anticipated that a referendum will be held in autumn on which Macedonian citizens will vote on the new name for their country.

- I am convinced that the referendum will succeed and that most citizens will say "yes" to the new name - Zaev said.

The agreement should be signed on Saturday at Lake Prespa.

It was very important to Macedonia to settle the dispute now since Greece blocked the desires of the neighbor to join NATO and European Union.


European Council President Donald Tusk congratulated Prime Ministers of Greece and Macedonia on the agreement reached on the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Sincere congratulations to PM Tsipras and PM Zoran Zaev. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks to you the impossible is becoming possible - Tusk wrote on Twitter.

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