The government in Macedonia proposed amending the Constitution: The procedure for changing the name of the state has started, the opposition is against it

Besides the irregularities, frightening, bribery, the citizens said NO, they stated from the VMRO-DPMNE

The proposal by the Macedonian government to initiate amendments to the Constitution of Macedonia arrived in Parliament for consideration before deciding to start the constitutional changes procedure, Parliament Speaker Talat Dzaferi confirmed.

Zaev: The vast majority voted "Yes", if the assembly does not adopt it, the election are next (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Since the government earlier adopted this proposal in a session, the leading opposition VMRO-DPMNE said that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has no legitimacy to change the Constitution.  

The government proposes the adjective "northern" to be included in the name Republic of Macedonia in the text of the Constitution so that the new name of the country is "the Republic of Northern Macedonia".

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Changes in the introductory part of the Constitution were proposed, in accordance with the Prespa Agreement reached between Athens and Skopje, with amendments of two articles of the Constitution, said the spokesman of the Government, Mile Bosnjakovski. The government, he added, proposed changes that strengthen "border guarantees" in Article 3 of the Constitution, which had already been amended in 1992.

- The new proposal advocates respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of neighboring countries, which reinforces the guarantees of existing borders and declares that Macedonia has no territorial ambitions. This means protecting the territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia and neighboring countries - explained Bosnjakovski.

The government proposes, he said, the amendment to Article 49 on the Macedonian Diaspora, which was also changed in 1992, and according to the amendment "Macedonia is concerned about the cultural, economic and social rights of representatives of the Macedonian people and all its citizens abroad, without interfering in the sovereign rights of other states and their internal issues in no form and for whatever reason".

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Now, it's all up to the members of the parliament, no matter their party allegiance, to declare their opinion about the government proposal.

- They have a historical duty and an obligation for the people to pave the way for Macedonia to stability, security, and economic prosperity. It is the road to the EU and NATO that is paved by the Agreement between Macedonia and Greece - said Bosnjakovski.

The members of the parliament should reach a decision, he concluded, that will follow the will of people expressed on the referendum which was held on September 30th, and which will "make Macedonia a better place to live". 

They said from this party that prime minister Zoran Zaev has no legitimacy to change the identity, history, culture, and tradition of the Republic of Macedonia, the MIA reports.

- Besides the irregularities, frightening, bribery, the citizens said NO, they stated from the VMRO-DPMNE.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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