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Nemanja (23) graduated from two universities, and he wanted to leave Serbia: After our story, he received that changed everything (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


The sincere young man said that everything happened quickly and unexpectedly

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Nemanja Aksic draw attention to himself when he graduated from two faculties: Chemistry and Electrical Engineering, with the average mark of 9 and above. After that, he proudly sat in Nikola Tesla’s lap and we presumed that this man from Bor could be a descendant of this great scientist. We didn’t expect that his telephone will become hot upon publishing of our text, nor that people will race to offer him a good workplace.

Nemanja graduated from two faculties at the age of 23, he sat down in Nikola Tesla's lap and celebrated: This nice boy is perhaps the successor of a great scientist (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Many phone calls started coming from different companies from Serbia, the calls from the Swedish and American University, and from our ministry.

Right after your text, I got a call from the office of minister Sarcevic and we agreed to come to a meeting. I was offered a job in the Innovation Fund, which I accepted and I should start working at the beginning of November - says Nemanja.

Foto: Telegraf

- It all happened too fast, but I'm glad it did. From all of the offers I chose our ministry and I am sure that I did the right thing – Aksic said.

While students are struggling to graduate from one faculty in our country, this young man didn’t even take a break but he enlisted to Master studies at the faculty of Chemistry.

If I get a job in Serbia, I will stay, If not, I plan on continuing my Ph.D. Studies abroad, Nemanja said 10 days ago, when we first talked to him.

Thanks to the job, this young man will not leave his country.

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.Stakic / j.stakic@telegraf.rs)

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