Giant waves struck Dubrovnik: Record-breaking 9 meters tall waves, the entire coastline was hit

In the aquatorium of Rovinj, the height of the waves was eight meters

The Hydrographic Institute Croatia (HHI) measured record waves in the aquatorium of Rovinj, Split, Ploca, and Dubrovnik, and the highest waves recorded in Dubrovnik were higher than nine meters.

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The highest wave was measured in Dubrovnik near the island of St Andrija, and their height reached 9.03 meters, Hina reported. 

Foto: Printskrin Youtube/Marko Knežević

In the aquatorium of Rovinj, the height of the waves was eight meters.

- The collected and processed data will contribute to the increase in the safety of navigation in the mentioned areas and the development of safety recommendations. This creates the preconditions of safe traffic of people and goods in the Croatian part of the Adriatic - stated in the HHI statement.

Watch the video of the sea storm:

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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