People of Belgrade have been going to their own sea for years, and they say it's marvelous: It is not mud, it is gold! But, someone has poured concrete on the healing source (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Incredible sight from Croatia: The sea disappeared, bora wind in Dalmatia caused a man to fly (VIDEO)

A torrent of water in front of the Old Town in Kotor: The main street is flooded, metal pontoons were placed (VIDEO)

Enormous spout blew away people and cars, it ripped trees out of the ground! A terrible whirl stormed through Dalmatia

Giant waves struck Dubrovnik: Record-breaking 9 meters tall waves, the entire coastline was hit

The incredible sight at the sea near Rovinj: Four waterspouts were active at the same time (VIDEO)

Our Ana dove and she found a Whale shark: Enormous 5 meter long beast was going straight towards her, and people were screaming and jumping into water (VIDEO)

British girls discovered a dark side of spending a vacation in Croatia: They've tried kidnapping us, they were touching us and a policeman tried hitting on me (VIDEO)

Run, people! Ashes are falling over us, and the fire is getting close: Fire broke out in Petrovac on the sea, and the locals fear for their homes

A drama of Serbian tourists on Brac: Croatian minister saved them from certain death (VIDEO)

Albanians occupied Budva, Serbs are in Ulcinj: This is what the tourist season in Montenegro looks like

A tourist reported that he saw a shark in Becici and he caused panic, this is what's actually behind the story of the sea monster (PHOTO)

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