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A torrent of water in front of the Old Town in Kotor: The main street is flooded, metal pontoons were placed (VIDEO)

Enormous spout blew away people and cars, it ripped trees out of the ground! A terrible whirl stormed through Dalmatia

Giant waves struck Dubrovnik: Record-breaking 9 meters tall waves, the entire coastline was hit

The incredible sight at the sea near Rovinj: Four waterspouts were active at the same time (VIDEO)

Our Ana dove and she found a Whale shark: Enormous 5 meter long beast was going straight towards her, and people were screaming and jumping into water (VIDEO)

British girls discovered a dark side of spending a vacation in Croatia: They've tried kidnapping us, they were touching us and a policeman tried hitting on me (VIDEO)

Run, people! Ashes are falling over us, and the fire is getting close: Fire broke out in Petrovac on the sea, and the locals fear for their homes

A drama of Serbian tourists on Brac: Croatian minister saved them from certain death (VIDEO)

Albanians occupied Budva, Serbs are in Ulcinj: This is what the tourist season in Montenegro looks like

A tourist reported that he saw a shark in Becici and he caused panic, this is what's actually behind the story of the sea monster (PHOTO)

Serbian Kolo and accordion in Greek sea: Serbian politician brought a hundred people to the water with the sounds of folk music (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Don't yell at me! Move away from here: Montenegrin woman brutally answered to the attempts to chase her away from the beach because she didn't want to pay for the sunbed (VIDEO)

Predrag leaves magical stones on the beach and he wants someone to find them: He did that incognito, but he became the main attraction in Greece (PHOTO)

A ton of drugs is floating near Ulcinj, it is suspected that Albanians did it: Fishermen noticed packages in the sea, and the police found something terrible

Serbia will have an access point to the sea: Dacic is asking for an island, and he received an incredible offer (PHOTO)

The map of Croatia annoyed Bosnians like never before: The whole world teases them for one little thing

Hackers made Serbs miserable who paid for their vacations over fake Greek websites, this is a way to safely make a reservation for your accommodation (PHOTO)

What is happening with the Adriatic sea? The water temperature is the highest in the last 100 years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

2-meter long ducky and fierce sex! Everybody filmed them while they were making love, but that's not all! They got out naked out of the water and the entire beach cheered (VIDEO)

Izetbegovic said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has the right to the sea, he will address the European Commission

Croats are inviting young people from Serbia who are ready for season jobs: Wages up to 650 euros, they don't even need a diploma

A Montenegrin came to show off his expensive car at the coast of Ulcinj: He was caught off guard when the waves came crashing over him (VIDEO)

Skiing and Snowman in Ulcinj: Herceg Novi and Sveti Stefan became white, snow will continue to fall for the next few days

Sexy Maria flies an airplane as if it's nothing: Besides the photos in a plane, she likes taking photos in a swimming suit the most (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Season work on one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic awaits you (PHOTO)

Drama on the "Blue Adriatic": The locals saved the crew members, but that's not the worst part

12 meters long body taken out of the Adriatic sea: Croats found a dead whale, it is suspected that this killed it (PHOTO)

An incredible scene in Croatia: One of the largest animals in the world was recorded in the Adriatic, no one can come close to it

THE DOLPHIN MAN: He filmed freediving in the dark and dangerous depths. He discovered the mystical side of unknown (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The war of Albanians with Croats and Montenegrins at the Adriatic: They have a new way of destroying everything - GARBAGE