These "girls" amazed Belgrade in the Halloween! By-passers chased them and begged them to take a picture (PHOTO)

Everybody stopped the group with red capes and white caps, and they gladly posed for pictures

A group of four guys went to a party for Halloween, and the trip to the party became a bit longer since they attracted a lot of attention with the simple but unusual costume.

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They gladly posed on the stairs of Branko's Bridge, and even the "Telegraf" reported noticed them.

Foto: Mateja Beljan

In the red capes and with white caps, lowered heads, they seemed as girls, especially to the fans of the series from which they got their idea.

Foto: Mateja Beljan

The Handmaid's Tale is a US television series, based on Canadian writer Margaret Atwood's novel.

The plot of the series, which won eight Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, takes place in the dystopian future after the Second American Civil War, in which women, called maids, are forced into sexual and childbirth slavery.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Mateja Beljan / M.Ro.)

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