Albanians are not allowing us to celebrate a holiday on Kosovo! A scandalous decision of the parliament in Pristina

Serbs are rushing to Greece to see a miracle: They are going in a church full of venomous snakes, they pet them and pray with them (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

We think that Vidovdan is the greatest holiday, and we don't celebrate it by not working: What are the key events that took place on this day?

Ljubisa's tanning oils replaced expensive products: Girls are crazy about it, and it has only two ingredients (PHOTO)

Serbia is celebrating the Presentation of Jesus: Two important events happened on this day that changed the course of our history

Season work on one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic awaits you (PHOTO)

Serbia swam for the Epiphany Cross: Women dominated the race through ice cold water (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Milan is traditionally THE MAN! He gave away pig roast for Christmas in Nevesinje, and now he continued doing so in Foca

It was worth waiting for Novak's Christmas greeting: Sincerely from the heart! (PHOTO)

Hristov family is going hungry to bed, the heart of father Vladimir tears apart when they ask him if there is anything to eat: The tears of the family living in a freezing room (VIDEO)

Christmas tree was shining at the Republic Square: Thousands of bulbs were lit and holiday magic was felt in Belgrade (PHOTO)

Albanians wanted to burn all Serbian churches on Kosovo: KFOR discovered the infernal plan of the extremists

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