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A Croat fell in love with a Serb girl and now they want to live together: They asked people in what country should they start their new life


"What do you think? Is that good? What are our chances? What are the chances for me to be accepted by Serbian people and how can I find a job?"

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A Croat and a Serb met during the studies, love quickly began to grow, and now they want to continue living together. However, the problem is that they are both afraid of unacceptance so they are not sure if it is smarter for them to live in Croatia or Serbia. He asked this same question on the social network Reddit, and then he got a lot of answers.

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"During the study semestral exchange of students, a Serb girl came to us and we totally connected, relationship and everything. I have graduated after some time and she returned to Serbia, and I returned to the village. We are constantly in contact over the internet, we have seen each other a few times, and both of us would want something more.

Status na Reditu, Hrvat i Srpkinja Foto: Printscreen/ Redit

But, she has to complete her Master Studies and after that, she can't move to my village because almost everybody is unemployed, they are bad talking about people from other villages, let alone someone from Serbia. Nothing big, it was always like that with poor people, if they don't have enough for bread, they eat sh*t. We talked about searching for an apartment and work in Croatia, but there are always obsessions with Serbia here, with Vulin, Seselj, ban on Bajaga, marking the anniversary of this and that, and we don't want that to disturb our life. She said that that is not the case in Serbia, in the cities, and in richer villages. So far, we have no money for Europe, no connections... The distance is the problem, and we don't have the money for constant meetings. And we don't want it to end.

So, we are thinking about Serbia.

What do you think? Is that good? What are our chances? What are the chances for me to be accepted by Serbian people and how can I find a job?

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People from both Croatia and Serbia answered, and the opinions differed.

"About your personal safety, if you move to a larger city, and not into some village, you will have nothing to worry about. There are all kinds of people but I can't remember that some Croat had problems in Serbia. I would be worried more about employment because that is a problem in general, not due to the fact that you are a Croat" - wrote a Serb.

On the other hand, some claimed that they will experience unpleasantries if they lived in a large city.

A Croat said that his colleague left for Serbia and didn't have a single bad situation.

VIDEO - Serbs and Croats singing Djurdjevdan together: 


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