Satellite with the Serbian flag is not science fiction: Costs are not astronomical and it would monitor every inch of the country

Currently, 10 countries have the ability to launch rockets and satellites autonomously

Satellite with the Serbian flag is not a science fiction but a certain reality, and our country has a great chance to realize this cosmic undertaking in the near future, said Anja Nakarada Pecujlic, Ph.D. in space law in Cologne.

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She is the founder of the "Serbian Case for Space" foundation, and she said for "Politika" that the expenses for making and launching of a satellite are no longer "astronomical".

She explains that during talks with the people from the European Stape agency she found out that if some country wants to launch their first satellite for scientific purposes, it can get help and free launch from the other countries. There is our chance.

- The first Serbian satellite could be a small satellite, so-called CubeSat, and it could "tag along" during the launch of some larger foreign satellites. Russia, Japan, India, and the US NASA, encourage countries which want to launch their first satellite. Currently, 10 countries have the ability to launch rockets and satellites autonomously. 

Printskrin: Accuweather

The benefit from the first Serbian satellite would be multiple. Through it, we would monitor every inch of our country, and we could also monitor climatic changes.

The first step towards the membership of Serbia into the international space community is for our country to request from the United Nations the membership into the Committee for Peaceful Use of Space.

- There are no reasons for us not to become a part of that because everything that makes up space doesn't belong to a single state, organization or individual, but to all people on Earth, which was recognized with Space Law - said Nakarada Pecujlic.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Politika)

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