9 steps closer to "Greater Albania"? What did Rama and Haradinaj sign and what will be formed?

A joint session of the governments of Kosovo and Albania was held in Pec

Members of the governments of Kosovo and Albania, after a joint session held today in Pec, signed 9 agreements which will further improve their relations.

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The agreements were signed on the recognition of driving licenses, on joint customs control at the border crossing Morina near Vrmica, on public debt and joint cooperation with international financial organizations, on the abolition of roaming, cooperation in the field of youth, on cooperation in the field of health. 

Also, they signed the agreement on the recognition of phytosanitary and veterinary certificates, an agreement on the creation of a joint Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo and Albania and an agreement on the recognition of industrial property. 

Printskrin: Facebook/Ramush Haradinaj


While opening the joint session with the government of Albania, Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said today that they will bring closer Kosovo and Albanian governments in the future, until both economies are united.

- I know that people on Kosovo and in Albania expect more from these two governments and we will continue to work from here and to face many challenges - said Kosovo Prime Minister.

Printskrin: Facebook/Ramush Haradinaj

- Today, Kosovo is the side for contact with EU, SSP, which meets all Visa liberalization criteria at the same time, and expects that our law is respected by EU institutions - Haradinaj said, reports Albanian media.

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