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The value of Serbian passport increased: We can go to 126 countries, but we still need a visa for 72 countries (complete list)


The last place goes to Afgan passport and you can only travel to 29 countries with it

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Serbia is on the 31st place which means that we jumped for 7 places, taking in consideration that Serbia was 38th in 2017.

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As stated on the website "The passport: Index", Serbia earned the 31st place on the list because its citizens with a passport can enter into 126 countries in the world.

People with Serbian passport don't need any visa for 83 countries while they get a visa in 43 countries, immediately upon entry.

The first place goes to UAE, whose citizens can go to 167 countries with its passport, and the second place goes to Germany and Singapore, you can travel to 166 countries with their passports.

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The passports of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, South Korea, and the USA are in third place and you can use them to enter 165 countries.

From all of the countries of former Yugoslavia, Slovenia has the strongest passport and they are in the seventh place. You can use the passport to enter 161 countries. Croatia is on the 11th place, and Macedonia and Montenegro are 36th and 37th.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is 40th.

The last place goes to Afgan passport and you can only travel to 29 countries with it, and then there are Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Somalia. "The passport: Index" ranks 199 passports.

HERE you can see the complete list of countries and how to travel with Serbian passport. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Novosti)

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