Great fire in Novi Pazar: Firefighters rescued a baby whose life was in danger!

Luckily, no one died in this fire

A baby was rescued from a fire which broke out in the ground level of a building in Novi Pazar, whose life was in danger. Luckily, with the quick reaction of the doctors, its conditions were stabilized. 

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The fire broke out around 23.30 during the night between Tuesday to Wednesday at the ground level of the residential building in the street Srpske Brigade, 12, near the market in Novi Pazar.

One apartment completely burned down in the fire, and there were chances for it to spread on other apartments in that three-story high building.

One person was injured and other tenants were evacuated. There were a lot of firefighters and units of the emergency response team.

According to the unofficial information fr0m Glas Pazara, a person living in that apartment tried to commit suicide by burning itself.

This is the second great fire in the residential building in Novi Pazar in the previous three months. Sisters Semsa (25) and Alisa (33) Mujkovic burned in a terrible fire in October which caught apartments in the building "Bor" in Novi Pazar, and it was determined that the fire was caused by an old stove.

No one died in this fire. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / RTVNP)

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