Divac escaped shootout in Jackson: Serbs in California celebrated Christmas with shooting (PHOTO)

Divac visited the church of Saint Sava before Christmas. Shooting on the streets of Jackson exists for more than 100 years and everything is performed with the permission and monitoring of the police

Basketball legend Vlade Divac visited the Serbian Orthodox Church St. Sava in Jackson in California, well known for Christmas Shooting celebration. 

Serbs in America celebrated a "fiery" Christmas, they were shooting in every direction: Shots from shotguns, pistols and other firearms flew through the air (VIDEO)

Former NBA player took a picture with the priest Marko in front of this church.

People who live in Jackson in California have the opportunity to see the fiery celebration of Christmas according to the Julian calendar, created by the fellow citizens of Serbian origins.

It is a long time tradition, which was in the focus of world media eight years ago, where people could see videos from the center of Jackson and a lot of dressed up men, shooting in the air from hunting rifles, celebrating Christmas.

There were shootings in two locations in the center of the city, one of them was on a parking lot of a restaurant. 

People could see trucks in both places, they had Serbian and USA flags, and people hugging and congratulating the holiday to each other. There were a lot of shotguns and other weapons which fired through the air.

This tradition has been going on for more than 100 years, and the weapons are filled with blanks, and everything is happening with the permission and monitoring of the police.

Jackson has around 5.000 residents, it was founded during the gold fever in the mid 19 century, and Serbs settled in that part of California around 120 years ago, together with the people from France, Italy, and Ireland. 

Due to a large number of people respecting Serbian tradition, the Christmas decorations are not taken down in shops until the "Serbian Christmas " is over, and the local residents, no matter the origins, know about the "Yugoslav way of celebration".

There is a church of Saint Sava in this town.

VIDEO: God forbid! Children pointed fireworks at each other 


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