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Hilarious ice skating of the clumsy Bosnian: He is not letting go of the fence and he is cursing the entire time, while the others are laughing (VIDEO)


The video shows people who are enjoying and who are casually skating

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A video clip of the Bosnians who skates, which was posted on Facebook, caused an avalanche of laughter and a lot of comments. It shows a man clumsily trying to get out from the ice. While he is fighting with the "forces of nature", the others can't catch a breath because they were laughing so hard. 

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The video shows people who are enjoying and who are casually skating. Some of them are even showing "artistic moves" in front of the camera. And right next to them there is a man, holding a fence, trying to get out, one millimeter at a time.

He is grasping the fence all of the time.

His "style" of skating attracted a lot of attention, and all they could do is laugh. Their laughter can be heard on the video, and the strong language of the man. The more he curses, the more people laugh.

At one moment, a woman who was recording this said that she will wet her pants... from laughter.

After several minutes of torture, the man managed to reach the exit. He asked the woman who was recording him to take him to his boots in a desperate and tired voice.

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