Chaos in Split: The young men fought in front of the nightclub, brutal footage (VIDEO)

Your job is to write tickets, my job is to be drunk: The police stopped a young man, and he made the entire region laugh

A pensioner, who made the entire region laugh, has a "medicine for flue", and he also has another advice (VIDEO)

Hilarious ice skating of the clumsy Bosnian: He is not letting go of the fence and he is cursing the entire time, while the others are laughing (VIDEO)

The entire region is laughing at a local politician from Serbia: He slipped spectacularly and he delivered a pile of wood on his head (VIDEO)

UFO spotted on the sky above Skopje: Macedonians took a photo of the mysterious red ball

A video as a warning that we have to be prepared every second: A woman looked at the shoes, and she was robbed the next moment (VIDEO)

The night of terror in Podgorica: He entered a shop and knocked out a girl and he kicked and hit another one (DISTURBING VIDEO)

"You will no longer arrest me": He stole a police car, and then he drove recklessly near Belgrade while he was live on Facebook (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Young Britons broke into abandoned hotels in Croatia and they performed stunts: They recorded everything with a single footage (VIDEO)

It took Spiderman from Mladenovac one minute and 30 seconds to steal 288.000 dinars: Only the legs could be seen from the exchange office (VIDEO)

Bosnian police, with no emergency lights, overtaking at high speed: They are above the law (VIDEO)

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