Teme: Footage

"Those are crazy Serbs", "Lovely country, but they are like pigs": The entire world laughs at us over the footage of an excavator which is moving debris (VIDEO)

While everyone was running away from bombs to the basement, Igor ran to the terrace: He recorded historical footage with a TV camera of Vranje in flames (VIDEO)

A tree fell on a bus with passengers: The driver was sitting calmly and then everything shook (VIDEO)

Faith in humanity lost: Unconscious man is drunk all the time, and his mother is the first one who ignores him? (VIDEO)

He was laughing while Milenko was dying: A man from Bosnia, who disgusted the entire region, is arrested (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE! Footage of hooligans attacking the home of the former Sports Director of Partizan

Chaos in Split: The young men fought in front of the nightclub, brutal footage (VIDEO)

Your job is to write tickets, my job is to be drunk: The police stopped a young man, and he made the entire region laugh

A pensioner, who made the entire region laugh, has a "medicine for flue", and he also has another advice (VIDEO)

Hilarious ice skating of the clumsy Bosnian: He is not letting go of the fence and he is cursing the entire time, while the others are laughing (VIDEO)

The entire region is laughing at a local politician from Serbia: He slipped spectacularly and he delivered a pile of wood on his head (VIDEO)

UFO spotted on the sky above Skopje: Macedonians took a photo of the mysterious red ball

A video as a warning that we have to be prepared every second: A woman looked at the shoes, and she was robbed the next moment (VIDEO)

The night of terror in Podgorica: He entered a shop and knocked out a girl and he kicked and hit another one (DISTURBING VIDEO)

"You will no longer arrest me": He stole a police car, and then he drove recklessly near Belgrade while he was live on Facebook (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Young Britons broke into abandoned hotels in Croatia and they performed stunts: They recorded everything with a single footage (VIDEO)

It took Spiderman from Mladenovac one minute and 30 seconds to steal 288.000 dinars: Only the legs could be seen from the exchange office (VIDEO)

Bosnian police, with no emergency lights, overtaking at high speed: They are above the law (VIDEO)

Two blonds robbed a sex shop in Sarajevo, the shocked owner published the video from the security camera (VIDEO)

Crosswalk in Montenegro shows the entire misery of Balkan mentality (VIDEO)

A part of the hill broke off in Croatia, half of the sea cost was shaking: Terrible sound of the boulders strike fear into the bones (VIDEO)

Madness on Croatian highway: A van speeding down the wrong lane with trucks heading towards it (VIDEO)

An incredible scene in Croatia: One of the largest animals in the world was recorded in the Adriatic, no one can come close to it

British Daily Mail brutally mocked Croats: They have no idea how to park, they all go in crooked, that's how they do it here (VIDEO)

The footage of a Hollywood like robbery in Zagreb: Armed men intercepted the vehicle that transported money, they threatened the driver with a gun (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Cousins from Bosnia filmed themselves while they drove 200km/h on an icy road. A few hours later, firefighters took their bodies out of the smashed car! (VIDEO)

Wild Boar is chasing people in Novi Sad: Chaos on the streets, people in panic, the video has traveled around the region! (VIDEO)

Footage of the Croatian student who is SNORTING DRUGS DURING CLASS from a table (VIDEO)

He drove a truck during strong hurricane winds despite the ban in Croatia: He was moving on two wheels, he was almost turned over by the wind! (VIDEO)

Footage of the spectacular arrest for the murder: Special forces aimed their rifles at the door of apartment in Novi Sad, the accused had nowhere to go (VIDEO)